I'm on a mission to painting portraits.
Picasso painted 1,885 during his lifetime (among his 50,000 other works of art) and that seems like a wonderful way to spend a life.
I love the process of working with someone to work out how to best express their inner selves in a fun, real, over the top way.
The people I'm most interested in painting are people who are really trying to make an impact on the world through their work. I think everyone who wants a art of themselves deserves it but generally the people I paint are: Performers (Singers, poets, dancers, drag), people who run good small businesses, and public figures (like speakers, writers, activists, politicians)
Get in touch:
If you like what I'm about and you know someone who's trying to make the world better, and might be keen for a portrait, shoot me an email! or better yet, shoot an email to me AND the other person!
Thank you!
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